Car Battery

How important is your car battery? The battery sends power and engages the starter and your car will not start if the battery is dead. The average lifespan of a battery is three years, but a battery charge can be weakened by leaving your lights on when the car is turned off. Leaving a phone charger or other device plugged into your USB port can also drain your battery.


Extreme temperature fluctuations, both hot and cold place stress on your battery and causing chemical reactions that weaken it.  Charleston summers are notably hot, and we recommend having your battery charge tested at the beginning of the season.

If your car will not start and you suspect a dead battery we recommend that you call Kia Roadside Assistance. Although jumpstarting a car is a common DIY activity, it is dangerous unless you know what you are doing. If you connect cables to the wrong terminals ?? and if you overcharge your battery it can literally blow up.

Kia uses Interstate batteries engineered especially for Kia vehicles.

If you have any questions or would like to have your battery tested please contact our Service Department.