3 Steps to Trim Restoration

August 18th, 2022 by

3 Steps to trim restoration is the third of five DIY Detailer blogs including car washing basics, headlights,
tires, trim restoration, and ceramic coating. In this installment, we show you the steps you can take to
bring faded exterior plastic trim back to life. Many cars have black plastic trim on some parts of the
The sun slowly fades the plastic causing it to lose the deep black color it once had. Detail product
manufacturers offer different types of solutions for this problem. You can find these at any big box or
auto parts store. It is important to read reviews on these products and find one that will last the
longest and work best for you.

1. To begin, use a wax-free car wash to clean all the plastic trim pieces on your vehicle. After
removing all the dirt, make sure to dry thoroughly.
2. After cleaning it is time to apply the trim restoration product. Some of these will be a wax-type
product and others will be a prepared wipe. It is important to read the instructions on these
products to make sure they are applied properly. Always make sure to work in small sections
and take your time.
3. Depending on the condition of the plastic trim, it may take a second coat to fully bring back the
color. If the product has a cure time be sure not to get any water on the trim until that time has


This is a quick and easy way to drastically improve the look of your vehicle. The plastic trim is often
overlooked, and many car owners do not realize how easy it can be to fix.

Next week: Ceramic Coating