4 Steps to Restore Headlights

August 11th, 2022 by

4 Steps to restore headlights is the second of five blogs that we will publish in August for the DIY Detailer. We will cover car washing basics, headlights, tires, trim restoration, and ceramic coating. In the second part of this series, we will show you the steps to keep your headlights looking new.

Over time, the plastic lenses of headlights begin to yellow and start to look foggy. This can affect both the look and performance of your lights.  In inclement weather or at night, this could pose a safety risk. Headlight deterioration is caused by the sun beating down on the headlights. Many detail product manufacturers offer headlight restoration kits for all levels of DIY detailers. They can be purchased at automotive parts stores, big box retailers, and online. These kits usually contain two sanding pads and clear coat wipes.

  1. To begin thoroughly wash the headlights, removing any dirt and bugs.
  2. Using the rougher grit sanding pad and a spray bottle of water, spray down the headlight and start sanding. Focus on the area where the fading is the worst. While sanding, apply more water as the headlight starts to dry.
  3. Using the lighter grit sanding pad repeat the same process from step two.
  4. After the sanding steps are finished, clean and dry the headlights. Take the clear coat wipes and wipe down the headlights. Start from the top and work in overlapping passes to ensure all the light is coated. Let it cure for the recommended time and avoid getting water on the headlights during this curing period.

After these four steps, your headlights will be looking as good as new. It is something that is often overlooked but can drastically change the look of your vehicle and will improve the performance of the lights.

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