4 Steps to the Perfectly Washed Car

August 3rd, 2022 by

4 Steps to the Perfectly Washed Car is the first of five blog posts that we will publish in August for the DIY Detailer. We will cover car washing basics, headlights, tires, trim restoration, and ceramic coating.

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In the first of this series, we will look at the important car washing basics to know and remember. Improper washing techniques can lead to swirl marks on the paint and possible scratches. Using products formulated for cars is recommended. Home detergents can strip the wax. It is ideal for washing your car when the engine is cool and out of direct sunlight.

The basic supplies needed are two buckets, a hose, two wash mitts– one for the body and one for wheels and tires, a car wash & wax product, and a drying towel. Follow these steps to the perfectly washed car. Fill one bucket with car wash and water and the second bucket filled with plain water. Washing a small section of the car or tire with the car wash and a wash mitt. Then, dip the wash mitt in clear water to remove the dirt it has collected before returning it to the car wash. This will keep from contaminating the car wash. You do not want to use a dirty wash mitt on the paint.

  1. Start with the wheels and tires first. Spray the entire car down with a hose including the wheels and tires. If they are very dirty, you may need to use a wheel and tire cleaner to help break down the dirt and brake dust. Using the “wheel” wash mitts begin wiping down the wheels and tire. Clean until all the black residue or brake dust, dirt, and grime are gone.
  2. Spray the body of the vehicle down for a second time. Take the body mitt and starting from the top of the car, work your way down. Focus on small sections at a time and rinse continually. Wash both the paint and the windows. Avoid a circular motion as this can lead to swirl marks in the paint. Do not let the soap dry on your car and remember to rinse the wash mitt in the bucket of water before putting it in the car wash bucket
  3. Using a drying towel, word prework in a sweeping motion using only light pressure.
  4. Once the vehicle is dry, use a glass cleaner and a microfiber towel to go over your windows and windshield to remove any water spots or smears.

These simple car washing basics will make it easy to wash your car and get excellent results. Done and your car will be shining like new. The amount of time and effort will directly correspond to the results that you get.

Next week: Headlight Restoration