8 Gas Savings Tips

February 28th, 2019 by

These are our top 8 gas savings tips. The price of gas in Charleston is more than reasonable and below the national average, but there are much more fun and interesting things to spend your money on. Try these easy tips and you will make fewer trips to the pump.


  1. Keep tires properly inflated. You can lose 1% of fuel consumption for every 2PSI under the recommendation
  2. Watch your speed. The faster you go, the more fuel you burn. Even 5 MPH can make a difference
  3. Maintain recommended service. Oil changes, tire rotations, alignment, and other basic maintenance will help with optimal fuel efficiency.
  4. Cruise Control. Use cruise control any time you are not in stop-and-go traffic. Maintaining a level speed maximizes fuel.
  5. Minimize Air Conditioning. The more you run it, the more you burn.
  6. Use Eco Mode. Many newer vehicles have an eco-mode. Use it.
  7. Watch Your Weight. You do not want to carry any more weight than you have to because the added pounds will negatively impact your mileage.
  8. Plan. Plan. Plan. Combine trips, try not to travel during rush hour, check traffic reports—every little bit helps. And do not idle for more than a minute.