Coastal Living and Cars

May 17th, 2016 by

Charleston’s coastal living lifestyle and abundance of beaches and waterways makes this a great place for people to live, but not so much for cars.

Sun, salt water spray and both irritants that can rust and corrosion to your paint, undercarriage, brake calipers, and hardware. The paint on your car is porous and the heat of the sun causes it to expand opening pores and allowing moisture in.

follyYou may not notice visible damage for 3-5 years, but that does not mean it isn’t happening. Just driving through standing salt water in flood prone areas puts your car at risk.
Protect the investment in your car and avoid future problems by being proactive. Avoid driving on sand or through salt water if possible. If possible rinse the undercarriage of your car after a day at the beach. Many drive through car washes offer this service.

You should wash and wax your car at least once a week. Sand can scratch your paint so be sure to do a thorough rinse before you start washing and rubbing. After washing, use a spray wax on wet paint and your rag to add a protective coating.

Every six to nine months, have your car professionally detailed. A good detailer will remove all contaminants from your car and add a protective coating to all surfaces.

And don’t forget your interior. Sand and saltwater are not good for carpet or upholstery either. Do not sit on your seats in wet swimsuits and be sure to vacuum sand up so it does not become embedded.

The last thing you will feel like doing after a great day at the beach is washing your car, but regular TLC will pay off in the long run.