Collision Repair: What You Should Know

March 7th, 2018 by

If you are in an accident, you will need collision repair for your vehicle. This is what you should know. Although, an insurance company cannot dictate where you have to get your vehicle repaired they will most likely strongly recommend it. When you do select the body shop of your choice, the insurance appraiser will work with the body shop to contain costs as much as possible. One of the primary ways they do that is to write estimates using aftermarket parts. Does it matter? The body shop has no choice if the estimate is written with aftermarket parts due to cost even if this is not the best option for to repair your car.

OEM parts are engineered and manufactured specifically for your vehicle for proper fit, safety and should be used whenever possible. The quality of an aftermarket part has to only meet a certain standard which does not have the same quality or fit as the OEM replacement. Beginning this month, Kia Country will introduce a new service for body shop repair called Collision Link. We will price match any aftermarket parts and accessories dictated by an insurance appraiser.  This will allow the body shop to perform a higher quality of repair on your vehicle regardless of the insurance estimate directiveclink

Body shops will be able to upload an insurance estimate into Collision Link, search see nearly 20,000 Genuine Kia OEM parts including specifications and illustrations. In addition, they will be able to see if a part is in stock and if not, what day it will be delivered. Kia Country offers free delivery to shops within a 25-mile radius of the dealership.

We hope that you are never in an accident, but if you are you do not have to settle for aftermarket parts. Simply, tell the body shop to call Kia Country. Our Parts Specialists and Collision Link will take care of the rest.