Driving in Fog

August 1st, 2019 by

Driving in fog means reduced visibility. Why? What is fog? Fog is like a cloud at ground level. Like a cloud, it is made of water droplets that float just above the ground. Fog is common in areas with large bodies of water like Charleston. Between the ocean and rivers, you likely encounter fog fairly often.


Vehicle headlights cannot penetrate fog. High beam lights make visibility even worse because they actually brighten the fog. High beams should never be used in fog.

If your vehicle has fog lights, you know what a game changer they are. Once you drive a vehicle with fog lights, you will never want to drive without them again because the improved visibility is so significant. Improved visibility equals improved safety. Fog lights are generally installed low on or near the front bumper and they are angled down to the road and hit below the fog in a wide beam to light the road. Fog lights can also be used on dark roads with no lights, in snow and other foul weather conditions where visibility is limited.

Fog lights are available on all Kia models and are included in various trim levels. Kia Motors does not make a fog light kit as some manufacturers do, but there are aftermarket products available.

Newer vehicles may be equipped with high tech headlights that render fog lights unnecessary.