Faraday Future: EV Car Revolution?

December 2nd, 2015 by

If you have not heard of Faraday Future, you will. Their website boldly states, “On January 4, 2016 Faraday Future will unveil a concept inspired by our design and engineering vision. The future of mobility is closer than you think.” That “concept” is a car and it will be unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas.


Carandriver.com says, “You should know that it [Faraday] has already promised that its yet-to-be-built factory and its yet-to-exist cars will cost a cool $1 billion and that its cars will beat Tesla Motors’ in terms of performance.”

Lofty goals? Faraday has hired more than 400 employees from the automotive, technology, energy, aerospace and design and has assembled an impressive leadership team:

• Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering – Former Director of Vehicle & Chassis Engineering, Tesla Motors
• Dag Reckhorn, Vice President of Global Manufacturing – Former Director of Manufacturing, Tesla Model S
• Alan Cherry, Vice President of Human Resources – Former Senior Director, Human Resources, Tesla Motors
• Tom Wessner, Vice President of Supply Chain – Former Director of Purchasing, Tesla Motors
• Richard Kim, Head of Design – Founding member of BMW i Design and Lead Designer, i3 and i8 concepts.

Faraday’s philosophy is based on the fact that it believes “todays cars do not meet today’s needs.” They promise to “launch fully-electric vehicles that will offer smart and seamless connectivity to the outside world.”

In a recent post, Autoblog reported on an interview with Faraday’s senior executives, Nick Sampson and Richard Kim. They teased with innovations such as subscription model over ownership, a car that will know and learn your preferences and seamless technology with your home and tech devices.

For the most part, Faraday has been shrouded in secrecy, but we know they envision 300+mile range electronic vehicle. They intend to produce vehicles by 2017, but as of now they have no manufacturing facility in place. All eyes are on CES 2016 to see if they can deliver on the hype.