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January 31st, 2018 by

Get pre-approved for a car loan before you visit the dealership. Kia Country makes it easy with our online credit application. Getting pre-approved has several advantages.

  1. Budget: know roughly how much you can buy, borrow and what down payment is required
  2. Secure your most favorable interest rate
  3. Streamline your car purchase transaction

Kia Country works with over 30 lenders to help you secure the car loan that best meets your needs and finances. Our Finance Managers have the expertise to help you. One of their most important recommendations is DO NOT submit loan application at multiple dealerships trying to secure the best deal. Every time an inquiry is made on your credit report, your score goes down.

There are generally two types of automobile lenders; ones that prefer prime credit and ones that prefer secondary. Prime credit lenders tend to lend to borrowers with good to excellent credit ratings and offer single-digit interest rates. Secondary or sub-prime lenders finance cars for those that may have or have previously had credit issues and interest rates are more customized based on the level of risk for each individual situation.   Of course, there are subsets of both types of lenders that specialize in particular circumstances.  Many individuals with damaged credit mistakenly assume that they cannot obtain a vehicle loan, but in many cases that is simply not true. Our Finance Managers are experienced at crafting financial solutions for buyers across the credit spectrum.

Early spring is a great time to purchase a new or newer vehicle.  Tax time increases the lenders’ flexibility because they know most families are getting tax refunds and will have a little extra to help with their bills and payments.

To sum up; don’t be afraid to try and improve your situation this month.  The economy is good, the banks are lending, and we can assist you in getting financing for your next car. Use our Get Pre-Approved online tool to get started.

If you have any questions before submitting your application our Internet Sales team will answer any questions you may have. You may reach them at 843.573.2300 or by completing the form below.

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