Goodbye and Good Luck

July 10th, 2019 by

On Friday, we our longest tenured employee, Master Technician, Aaron Kimmel will leave us for a new job. Although, we are happy for him, it is bittersweet.  Aaron moved to Charleston and started working at Kia Country in 2006 with no prior experience.


Mitch Jones & Aaron Kimmel

Aaron learned on the job each day and ultimately achieved every certification that Kia Motors offers. His yearly education included four to six Kia led instructor courses, 20 online courses and mastery of Kia Diagnostic Tools, Change Management Systems, Hybrid Technology, Automotive Electronics & more. In total over 300 courses and Kia Certification at every level up to its most distinguished Master Technician level, that few achieve.

Mitch Jones, Service & Parts Director said, ” Aaron’s level of knowledge and expertise is something the entire department trusts and depends upon. There is no question that the success of this department is largely due to Aaron’s dedication & loyalty. Aaron will truly be missed as a partner, leader and most importantly, a friend.”

During his time here, Aaron got married and had two sons which inspired his decision to take on a new challenge. He said, “I’ve really enjoyed working here. It’s a small dealership, they take care of you and it’s like family.” Aaron will be joining the Quality Control team at Mercedes-Benz Vans of Charleston. “After 13 years, I’m looking forward the opportunity of doing something new,” Kimmel said.

The entire Kia Country team wishes Aaron all the best. Thanks for all you’ve done and we’re going to miss you.