Hurricane Ian & Used Cars

October 6th, 2022 by

Hurricane Ian will have some lasting effects on used cars for sale. One you may not consider is the influx of partially flooded cars in the marketplace. Most cars that get flooded out get totaled out and crushed by insurance companies.  They aren’t an issue. The concern is the cars that got wet inside but still run.  Some people will mask partial flood concerns and attempt to liquidate these units. Over time, the salt-tainted water will corrode unseen parts of the car or mildew up the lower parts of the car.  Just like a water leak in your house; it may look ok for a while and then mold, mildew and corroded wires and pipes could cause future problems if not addressed properly.


If you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle you need to beware of flood-damaged vehicles. New vehicle shortages have increased used car demand. Kia Country does not sell flood-damaged vehicles. Our Kia Trained and Certified technicians know how to spot flood damage and/or a coverup and all vehicles that are traded in go through a rigorous inspection. We also buy cars at auction to stock our pre-owned inventory. By law, the auction must declare flood damage and we will not buy those cars.

Federal law requires that flood damage be disclosed on a title. Using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can locate this information. We provide a complimentary CARFAX Vehicle History Report on every pre-owned vehicle we sell. Our Kia Certified Pre-owned (CPO) vehicles offer even more protection and a like-new warranty.

Here are some ways that you can protect yourself:

  • Buy from a reputable dealer
  • Make sure a used vehicle is inspected by a certified technician before you purchase
  • Avoid cars with musty or mildew odors
  • Look for moisture, water stains, and/or debris in head/tail lights, in seating crevices, under the carpet, and in the trunk and wheel wells.
  • Look for rust or corrosion under the hood

If your vehicle sustains flood damage, please contact us. Some flood damage can be repaired and restored. We work with trusted partners for upholstery and carpet cleaning and odor elimination. In addition, we will be happy to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Perform complimentary multi-point inspections
  • Help to navigate insurance claims
  • Work with insurance adjusters
  • Assist with transitions to new vehicles

You may reach us at 843.573.2300, [email protected] or by completing the form below.

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