Command the Season: Kia All-Wheel Drive

November 25th, 2020 by

Command the Season, Kia’s Holiday Sales Event showcases its expanding lineup of all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. Save on the 2021 Seltos SX AWD, 2021 Stinger GT1 AWD, 2021 Telluride SX with Nightfall Edition, 2021 K5 GT-Line AWD, Sportage SX Turbo AWD through January 4, 2021. The all-new 2021 Sorento, also has an optional AWD.

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Kia will focus on the “winter-ready” aspect of its AWD vehicles. In Charleston, we will hopefully not see snow or ice, but AWD still makes sense for a lot of drivers. AWD is designed to make all of the wheel action in motion together to prevent over and under steering or losing control.

The Kia Dynamax™ AWD system uses sensors and an intelligent control unit to monitor road conditions in real-time. When a loss of traction is detected, the system will divert torque to restore traction and improve performance. The Kia Dynamax™ AWD system relies on a multi-plate clutch and an electro-hydraulic actuation system to deliver on-the-fly torque adjustments without a hitch.

The Active On-Demand AWD offered by Kia is a responsive system that offers safety advantages in inclement weather, improved performance, sure-footed traction, the ability to scale hills more easily and better towing capability. And Kia’s AWD lineup is ready for off-road adventures. South Carolina has plenty of off-road trails to explore.

And should you be one of those people that likes snow or plans to travel north in the winter months, you Kia AWD will provide a ride that is safe, dependable and enjoyable.

Most vehicles are front-wheel drive because they are more cost effective to manufacture. An AWD Kia costs more upfront because of its increased capabilities, but it you will recoup that investment if when you decide to sell or trade.