Kia Key Fobs

March 29th, 2022 by

Kia Key fobs control various functions on your vehicle. More and more of our model lineup comes with push button start, remote start and a Smart key fob. All push button starts have a smart fob. Learn about fob functions and what to do if the fob battery dies.key fob

Fob Functions

  • Press the lock button once to lock all the doors and twice to set the alarm system
  • Press the unlock button to unlock the driver’s door and twice to unlock all doors
  • You can also lock and unlock the trunk or liftgate. If your vehicle has a power trunk or liftgate, press and hold the button and it will automatically open; other wise it unlocks and you can manually lift.
  • An electric hatch with smart fob you can walk up to and wait a few seconds and it will open automatically.
  • You can also hold the panic alarm button if you need help or need to alert others
  • You can also unlock your Kia by pressing the button on the door handle as long as your fob is close by.
  • With remote start the button is on the side of the fob. Hit the lock button then press and hold to start the vehicle.

Dead Fob

Key fobs rely on batteries and eventually the battery will need to be replaced. There is a key inside the fob which you may use. On average expect to replace them every two years. If your push button start is not working, you may have a dead fob battery. Push the button and hold it for a few seconds with your fob to start. Earlier models may have a bypass slot in either the console or glove box into which you would insert the fob to manually start.

You can find additional information in your Owner’s Manual. Any member of our team would also be happy to show you how to use these functions.