Kia Motors Environmental Mission

November 14th, 2016 by

Kia Motors has repeatedly demonstrated its mission to be an environmentally responsible automobile manufacturer. The company has been named annually to the Top 50 Global Green brands since 2012 and placed 35th in 2015. Kia’s Road Map to 2020 plots its expansion of green car technologies and its determination to be a leader in low emissions and fuel efficiency.


Kia’s commitment extends beyond its cars. Globally, it is expanding the green space around its production facilities. In 2015, it increased its green space by 3.9%, adding an additional 867 acres. Green areas are located at every single production facility: Sohari, Hwasund and Gwangju, in Korea; Zilina in Slovakia, Yancheng Province in China and at its U.S. based plant in Georgia.

By the end of 2015, Kia had planted a total of 4.94 million trees which help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These plantings have allowed Kia to avoid any instance of soil contamination at any of its production sites.

In the near future, Kia plans to implement hazardous substance-free manufacturing and painting processes will be rolled out at facilities.  Kia Motors is committed to manufacturing improvements that reduce its impact on the environment.