Kia Unveils Road Map to 2020

December 3rd, 2015 by

Kia Motors unveiled a road map to 2020 that touts its plans for a series of automotive technologies and innovations.


Expansion of Green Car Technology

Earlier this month, Kia announced addition of the Niro to its vehicle lineup. The Niro, a Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV) will begin production in 2016 and represents Kia’s latest efforts in reducing environmental impact and its development of environmentally-conscious technologies.

In addition, Kia’s five-year plan demonstrates its aspirations to be a leader in low emission vehicles and how it will achieve its goal of raising corporate fuel efficiency levels by 25%. With an investment of $10.2B from parent company, Hyundai Motor Group, Kia will dedicate itself to the development of new vehicles and facilities with decreased CO2 emissions. Kia’s green car line-up is expected to grow to 11 models by 2020, all featuring environmentally-friendly powertrains from hybrid and plug-in hybrids to battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. In addition, Kia is targeting 2020 as a launch for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. (FCEV).

On the Horizon
Next year, Kia will release both hybrid-electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) versions of its best-selling Optima sedan. The next-generation Optima Hybrid is expected to boost fuel economy by 10%.


Kia has also announced investment in new autonomous driving technologies and plans to introduce a range of partially-autonomous driving technologies by 2020 and fully-autonomous vehicles by 2030. These technologies will help drivers maintain safe distances from cars, navigate traffic jams, passing and parking.

Kia was recognized as a Best Global Green Brand this year. It strives to build on that accomplishment and become a global leader in advanced automotive technologies.