Meet the Team: Tad Kilgore

March 10th, 2020 by

Product & Technology Consultant, Tad Kilgore joined Kia Country after a 25 year career in newspaper sales. Inspired by his father, a car industry veteran, Tad wanted to “give it a try”.  In just five months he’s proven himself to be a quick study. Tad is originally from New York and lives in Charleston with his wife and two sons. In his spare time, Tad volunteers in the autistic community.

Tad HS

Tad recently hosted to students from First Baptist High School who wanted to learn about buying a car for their Life Skills class.

  1. Favorite Kia Model and Why?
    Kia Soul GT. I own one. The GT adds every conceivable convenience. The 1.6L Turbo engine is super zippy and fun.

2. What’s Your Dream Car?
A big old Winnebago so I can drive around the country and see all the wonderful things I haven’t seen before.

3. Favorite Place in Charleston for a #KiaDrive
Savannah Highway to Savannah, GA. Beautiful wetlands and cool little towns.

4. Best Car Buying Tip
Know the value of your own vehicle, your credit score, what finance rate you qualify for and the price of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

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