Perform a Safety Check Before You Drive

July 26th, 2017 by

How often do you perform a safety check before you drive? Most of us just get in and go. The fact is that a quick visual inspection can increase your safety. These quick checks will only take a couple of minutes but may make a world of difference.



  • Walk around your car and to check for any obstacles
  • Check that tires are properly inflated and do not have excessive wear and tear
  • Look beneath your car to check for any leaks
  • If possible have someone stand in front and behind your car to make sure that your lights and turn signals are working properly



  • Check the backseat before you get into the car
  • Check your rear view and side view mirrors for proper alignment and visibility
  • Check your front, rear and side windows to make sure you have good visibility
  • Check your gauges for warning signals
  • Check that your seatbelt is properly positioned and fastened
  • Make sure that your headrest is squarely behind your head
  • Check the positioning of your steering wheel and your seat position. Your wrists should be able to drape loosely at the top and down the sides
  • Make sure your horn is working