Purchase a New Car with Financial Smarts

June 2nd, 2016 by

A new car is a huge investment. You can purchase a new car with financial smarts by playing close attention to how you spend and borrow.

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Kias currently offering zero percent interest for on several of its bestselling models.  It is worth considering even if you weren’t currently thinking about a new car. Here’s why…

  • This is an election season which generally impacts financial markets in unpredictable ways
  • Interest rates are projected to go up
  • Zero percent interest is like someone giving you free money

Lets face it. We work hard for our money. We need to take advantage of every deal that saves us our hard earned money. Let your new car work for you and save your money.

Zero percent interest is unquestionably the best loan term you can get. Save your money or use it for something else you want or need because Kia is letting you make payments interest free for up to 66 months. As you know that you will eventually need to purchase a new car, it makes sense to capitalize on this financial opportunity. Even if you have a current loan, or owe more than your car is worth, it is likely that you could drive a new vehicle with a similar payment and better terms.

Kia Country is also offering no payments until January 2017. That’s 66 months interest free and six months of driving a new car with no payments. It not only doesn’t get better than that, it won’t get better than that. We are the ONLY Kia dealer in the market offering these terms.

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Come in and talk to one of our Product Specialists and see if upgrading to a new car makes sense for you. This financial incentive combined with Kia’s industry leading warranty allow you to buy with complete confidence and peace of mind.

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