Quick Guide to Bluetooth Device Pairing

August 23rd, 2018 by

This quick guide to BLUETOOTH® device pairing will come in handy. Keep it in your glove box for easy reference and troubleshooting. When you buy a new Kia, your Product Consultant will most likely pair your phone for you. Perfect, right? Well, almost technology as you may have noticed doesn’t always work the way it was intended or the way we would like. We have about a half dozen people each week reporting problems.


If you get in your car and your BLUETOOTH® is not auto-connecting, you know you have an issue.

Kia has a web page dedicated to pairing which addresses frequently asked questions such as Android and Apple Car Play, connecting multiple devices, headsets and more.  Kia also offers a Compatibility Matrix that details functionality by device and carrier which Kia has tested.

Generally, there are a few common reasons and fixes for BLUETOOTH® pairing issues.

  1. Check that your phone is discoverable. Setting/Bluetooth/ and see what device names are listed. If you phone select unpair or forget.
  2. Clear your phone from your BLUETOOTH® devices in your car’s UVO system. Check the Owner’s Manual if you do not know how to access.
  3. Turn both devices off and restart
  4. Put the devices close to each other without interference
  5. Be sure that BLUETOOTH® is turned on
  6. Confirm that your devices are compatible and can “discover” each other

Compatibility can sometimes be an issue, especially if you have a new phone and an earlier model car. If you cannot resolve the pairing problem on your own, either our sales or service team will be happy to assist you.