Record Rainfall and Cars in South Carolina

October 5th, 2015 by

South Carolina experienced record rainfall this weekend. Unless your car spent the weekend in a garage it got wet. Real wet. If you went out on the roads you inevitably drove through puddles. The deluge in Charleston and throughout the State this weekend likely affected your car. Here’s a list of “to be expected” and “should be concerned” issues.

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You may notice some tics and noises as you drive today. Some of them are perfectly normal and there is no reason for alarm. Things will return to normal after your car dries out.

• If are driving and your power steering belt gets wet, it could start slipping and you may lose power steering temporarily
• Your brakes may grunt and grab

These issues are more serious and should be checked by a service technician:

• If you drove through deep water, your air filter possibly got wet and could cause engine damage
• Any unusual knocking or rattling in the engine compartment
• Your check engine light comes on
• Damage from debris to splash shield underneath your vehicle
• The grease may have washed out of your wheel bearings and could cause them to burn up
• Wet brakes may cause braking issue and debris caught in the brakes could damage your brake lines
• As a coastal community, we need to also be concerned with salt water corrosion

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Service Department at 843.573.4995.