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April 13th, 2022 by

Kia’s ever-expanding lineup of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles makes it easy to save money at the pump.

  • Niro Hybrid— Modern hybrid technology with a sleek new look, bringing the efficiency of a hybrid to a fun-to-drive crossover. (50 combined MPG)
  • Niro PHEV–Plug into a drive that bridges the gap between hybrid and fully electric vehicles. It has all the space and versatility you’d expect from a small SUV, plus benefits like tax rebates and HOV access. (105 miles per gallon equivalent/MPGe)
  • Niro EV— Charging ahead in the electric revolution with an EPA-estimated 239-mile range, and all the space, comfort, and versatility you’d expect from a crossover. (239 EPA Estimated Range)
  • Sorento Hybrid (HEV)–Forge deeper into new experiences with hybrid range and fuel economy, the most powerful turbocharged hybrid powertrain in its class, and confidence-inspiring technology. (37 combined MPG)
  • Sorento PHEV— Write your next adventure with the most powerful turbocharged hybrid powertrain in its class, ample seating and cargo space, standard all-wheel drive, and the longest EPA-estimated all-electric range of any 3-row SUV. ((105 miles per gallon equivalent/MPGe)
  • EV6—with the versatility of a crossover, innovative style, and advanced tech, the EV6 is the all-electric vehicle that’s designed for adventure the first of the promised EV lineup (300 All-Electric Range)
  • Sportage Hybrid–power up with turbo hybrid, impressive horsepower, and fuel efficiency, all wrapped up in a sleek design that’s ready for anything. (43 combined MPG)

Understandably there are a lot of confusing abbreviations used to describe “mileage”. The alternative fuel space is getting more entrants and variants every day it seems. All manufacturers are pushing alt-fuel technology and availability as quickly as they are able. To help clarify a little; here is a breakdown of Kia hybrid and electric nomenclature.

First, ICE means internal combustion engine or the prevailing gasoline-powered engine. Hybrid means that the unit has a gasoline engine first architecture, which switches back and forth between the hybrid battery/electric motor and the ICE motor. This can also be called HEV or hybrid electric vehicle, which is the new nomenclature; typically to differentiate between a standard hybrid and other combinations.  Usually, the special battery is charged by regenerative braking and charging from the ICE.  This is the most common form of hybrid combination powertrain.

PHEV expands to a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. This means that there are two separate motors, both a gas engine and an electric motor that do not support each other. This electric motor must be plugged in to charge the special battery that supplies power to the electric motor.  The vehicle can be switched back and forth between the two different motors.

Finally, EV simply means electric vehicle. These cars are run exclusively by a rechargeable battery-powered motor. The battery-powered motor runs the transmission and all components in the car must be charged regularly like a laptop computer or cell phone.

Kia will introduce additional “green vehicles” in the coming year. Gas prices and environmental concerns will drive more consumers to adopt hybrid and electric vehicles.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit us or call and speak to a Product & Technology Specialist.

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