Soul Jam

June 6th, 2016 by

Kia’s hamsters return in “Soul Jam”, which brings hamsters and musicians from around the world to collaborate on new rendition of “Dueling Banjos”.

Soul Jam

The video required 3,000 hours of computer-generated imagery. UCLA’s Herb Albert School of Music’s Department of Ethnomusicology helped authenticate cultural accuracy of nearly 30 different musical instruments from more than 20 cultures including African and Korean drums, a sitar, a ukulele, bagpipes, violins and more.

The ad celebrates the universal language of music and love of dance. “With each Soul execution, we strive to bring a fresh musical perspective, and “Soul Jam” blends a variety of styles and cultures with a highly recognizable piece of music to create something fun and different that stands out from the crowd, just like the Soul.” Ad agency, David & Goliath created the “World Needs More Soul” campaign.

“The world needs more peace, love, hamsters and soul.”