Spring Maintenance Tips

March 17th, 2022 by

These spring maintenance tips will get your car in shipshape condition and ready for warm-weather fun. Spring is the perfect time to have preventative maintenance performed on your vehicle.


Not surprisingly spring and summer can be cause for a build-up of additional debris and dust in your vehicle. Dry dusty roads, rain, insects, and other environmental factors which affect the well-being of your vehicle are more intense during these warm seasons. The fluids break down more quickly and deplete faster. We recommend getting an oil change every 6 months or 5,000 miles. Kia also now recommends synthetic oil.


Tires are often the most neglected maintenance item. We get it. They are expensive. We inspect tires on every service visit. Over 80% of our customers are riding on one or more bad tires. But you really can’t put a price on your safety. Checking the air pressure in your tires every two weeks, having your tires rotated every 10,000 miles, and keeping your balance and alignment in check will help to extend the life of your tires. Take advantage of our Buy 3, Get One Free Offer as needed.


Seasonal change is a good time to have a brake inspection and brake service if needed. Your technician will check out the caliper, rotors, and pads to make sure everything is in working order. If you haven’t had your brake pads changed in a while, this is the best time to do so. When the roads become slippery, you’ll be thankful you did.


When the weather changes you’re going to want a vehicle that can regulate temperature properly. As the seasons and temperatures change, it is a good time to have your heating and AC system checked.


Adhering to our recommended maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle running smoothly and help to keep your warranty intact. These services will put your mind at ease Your technician will check the ignition system, battery, engine, scan for any trouble codes, hoses, belts, and fluids to make sure your vehicle will get you where you need to go. These checks will vary by model and year.

Be sure to check for coupons before you schedule your appointment. Our team is available via phone, text, email, and chat to answer any questions you may have regarding spring maintenance tips.

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