Top 5 Unique Features of the EV9

January 26th, 2024 by


The EV9 brings with it an impressive suite of features that highlight the futuristic nature of the vehicle. From the striking design and visuals to the premium comfort, the EV9 offers a special experience for both its driver and passengers. Many of these features and designs aren’t seen until you spend time in the vehicle itself. And though we have models on our lot available for test driving here at Kia Country of Charleston, we wanted to offer an inside look at what makes the EV9 special.

The EV9’s grille features a unique digital lighting pattern that the owner can customize. We refer to this as the “digital tiger face.” The two vertical headlights sit next to two clusters of small cube lamps that create an animated lighting pattern. This pattern is fully customizable by the user.

Speaking of lighting features, the EV9 also includes an exciting interior ambient lighting setting. Users can set the mood with dual color lighting options for the footwell and door trim.

An advanced Heads-Up Display is also built into the cockpit of the vehicle on certain trim levels. This display shows certain key vehicle information, including turn-by-turn directions, so you can keep your full attention on the road ahead of you.

Another available smart option is the remote parking assist feature. This feature allows the driver to remain outside of the vehicle while parking.  The sensors work to automatically align the vehicle and guide it into a variety of parking spaces.

And last, but certainly not least, is the vehicle-to-home (V2H) charging capabilities. The EV9 is already equipped to provide power to small appliances on the go. But in the future, after Kia rolls out more of its V2H products and features, the EV9 will enable powerful bi-directional charging features in a connected home.  With a unique charging box installed to your home, the EV9 can act as a mobile power source in the event of an outage. It can instantaneously reverse the direction of charging to draw power from the EV9 into the home.

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