Towing for Fun

April 28th, 2021 by

Summer is fast approaching. After more than a year of restrictions, most of us are ready to get up and go. Having a vehicle that can tow a boat, camper or trailer ramps up the fun factor.

Kia offers five vehicles with towing capacity.

Each of these models has an optional tow package which includes the tow hitch, receiver and light hookup. We recommend a V6 or turbo engine to provide extra power and facilitate towing.

Some of Kia’s features are beneficial if you are towing. A backup camera is standard on all models and allows you to see the hitch. The Telluride has an auto-leveling feature which offers increased stability and safety when towing. If a vehicle and the item being towed are not level, it may cause swaying and an accident

If you haven’t towed anything before, there are things to know. These are important for your personal safety, the safety of others and property. First, know the exact weight of what you plan to tow to be certain. Leave extra distance between yourself and the car in front of you. Braking is more difficult with the extra weight. Backing up is difficult. Right means left and left means right. You can’t be too secure. Never hesitate to add an additional strap or safety chain. Use extra caution when you are changing lanes and be certain you have enough clearance room. Always check trailer tire pressures and rear lamps before getting on the road. Be sure to have the correct trailer ball size. Make sure your trailer wheel bearings have been maintained properly. Always carry a spare for your trailer.  

Do not tow more than the capacity limit for your vehicle. It could result in major engine or transmission failure due to the excessive heat and strain placed on these components.

It is essential that you make smart decisions up front before attempting to tow. Our team is trained to answer your questions and help you make the right choice.


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