Trade Values Increase

January 25th, 2017 by

Take advantage of your trade equity now as trade values have increased.  Trade your car in for a newer one before values drop. In short, we need  trades to meet the demand.

Here is a little insider information from the retail car industry that isn’t being published or promoted.

Industry economists are predicting an abundance of late model pre-owned inventory for the first time in years.  After several years of record new vehicle sales, there  is a wave of off-lease vehicles due to enter the market.  That means, that the people that leased new cars for three or four years ago will be swapping or trading those cars.  What that means to you as a consumer is that as inventory rises, values fall because demand for quality, pre-owned vehicles is relatively constant.

In simple economic terms, supply is going to increase dramatically while demand is not. Bring us your car today to take advantage of our generous trade allowances. Combined with up to 25% off Final Model Clearance vehicles you can drive a new car and lower your payment.