Typography Brings Life to Kia Models

August 2nd, 2016 by

Those of you who follow us on social media channels may have noticed new and creative images that better showcase the personality and charm of Kia vehicles. This new concept has been introduced by the editorial team for Kia’s Facebook and Instagram channels and is adding savvy typography to images. What is typography you may ask? Typography is the art of arranging the style and appearance of a font or type face to communicate a message. It is often used as a decorative device to achieve a powerful visual effect. Kia Motors is utilizing this technique to bring its cars to life.

Here are some examples of their work:

A Call for Adventure
In order to encourage fans to get up and go on a soul-stirring adventure, the team selected images and Kia models that were dynamic and energetic.


As a hybrid utility vehicle, the Niro HUV is perfect for adventure fanatics


The aerodynamic Kia Optima encourages drivers to go for a fast-paced highway drive

The creative use of typography also seeks to capture the moment of the photograph itself. Kia cars are often caught in wonderful, ‘picture-perfect’ moments and the typography is used to maintain the ambience. Some images are inspirational while others are strangely mesmerizing.


What better way to greet the morning than in the Kia K900 luxury sedan?

Screaming Colors
To further accentuate the vibrancy of colors of Kia’s vehicles and the vividness of the images,  typography is used to add more colorful energy.


Search for your color with the Kia Soul!


With the confident and sporty Kia Rio, every day is a new burst of color

Creating these typography images is no easy job. In order to maximize the synergy between typography and Kia cars, the editorial team carefully selects images, vehicle models and typography that are well-suited for each other.  As a dealership, we appreciate the artistry of Kia staff and the ability to showcase our cars in beautiful settings around the world.

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This post was adapted from Kia Buzz, the official blog of Kia Motors.