Ultimate Cars for Golfers

May 4th, 2016 by

What is the ultimate car for golfers? We asked our avid golfer salesmen to test our vehicles. Which Kias made the cut? Optima, Sorento, Sportage, Sedona and the Soul.


A great golf car must possess several key features. First and foremost it must have room for a foursome—that’s four golf bags and four adults. Rear legroom needs to be adequate for two adults to be seated comfortably. The cargo space or trunk needs to have sufficient space for up to four golf bags; and if you are travelling, there must be space for luggage in addition to golf bags.

No one was surprised that the Kia SUVs and MPVs were ideally suited to meet golfers’ needs. The Optima midsize sedan was a surprise hit. The trunk fit four sets of clubs with no problem and all four men were comfortably seated.

“I’ve been an avid golfer for most of my life, but I’m relatively new to Kia. I was impressed with number of cars we have that are well-suited to a golf outing with your buddies. You can be sure, I’ll be promoting these assets to customers, “said Product Specialist Todd Carson.

golfThe Charleston area boasts many fine golf courses. Whether you are playing here or going on a golf vacation, Kia is in the game.