What You Need to Know about Car Oil

April 10th, 2018 by

What do you need to know about car oil? During Week 2 Car Care Month and it’s all about oil. An oil change is perhaps the most routine and important maintenance we perform on our cars. And yet, is often the misunderstood or neglected.  In fact, we have seen engines fail at 20,000 miles from the owner’s not performing their oil changes.

Why is changing your oil so important? Oil keeps the internal components of your car lubricated and helps the engine run cooler. The oil filter collects contaminants generated from both engine combustion and the environment. Over time, oil breaks down and turns to sludge. Both time and temperature result in a chemical imbalance.

In South Carolina, we recommend having your oil and filter replaced every 5000 miles or six months. This will protect your engine and other components and lead to the efficient operation of your vehicle.

If you prefer to change your own oil, you may find this DIY blog post helpful. DIY Car Maintenance: Oil Change