What’s That Noise in My Car?

May 17th, 2018 by

What is that noise in my car? It can be a bit disconcerting to hear scraping, squealing, knocking or other unusual sounds while you are driving, especially if you do not know what is happening. This quick guide will help you determine if it is likely a benign issue or something serious that requires immediate attention. So, listen up—your car is trying to tell you something.

  • Thumping—if you hear a thumping noise, it is probably a tire going bad.
  • Scraping—a scraping noise can mean there is debris caught between the wheel and a brake component which can be removed or could mean the pads are worn out and rubbing metal to metal with the rotors. If you do not replace them you will damage your rotors which is ultimately a much more expensive repair. If you hear the scraping noise only when you are braking, it could mean that your brake pads are ready for replacement. If you do not replace them you will damage your rotors which is ultimately a much more expensive repair.
  • Squealing-if you hear squealing while you are braking it can be caused by either moisture on the pads from sitting in wet weather or driving in puddles, or brake pads can develop a glaze if you “ride your brakes”. You may also hear a squealing noise if the engine drive belt is stretched, worn or wet.
  • Roaring— could be from the type of tire on your car or a wheel bearing that is going bad.
  • Knocking—if you hear knocking under the hood, you could have severe engine issues. Turn your car off and have it towed to the dealership
  • Ticking—if you hear a ticking noise coming from under the hood, in most cases it’s a normal sound that fuel injectors make
  • Whining—a whining noise under the hood most often indicates that a pulley bearing is going bad. If you hear it under the car it could be coming from the transmission and a sign that you may be may be low on transmission fluid

Pay attention to what your car is telling you and take appropriate action to reduce damage and expense.

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