Which Car Options are Worth the Price?

April 14th, 2016 by

Weigh the Value of Car Options Before You Buy

Which car options are worth the price?  Each Kia model comes in several trim levels with each offering more standard features. In addition, you can add packages that bundle options to add additional amenities to your vehicle.


Kia Sorento Panoramic Sunroof

The easy answer is that if you can afford it and you want it, buy it. The more complicated answer involves asking yourself some key questions to weigh which options may be right for you. Options generally fall into a few categories: comfort and convenience, performance, safety, technology and style. Only you can decide how important each of those features is to you and that may be driven by your age, how much you drive, how long you intend to keep the car, the climate where you live and other personal considerations. You can also consider options relative to their future resale value.

Cars are like houses in some respects. The prevailing theory is that Kitchens and bathrooms add more value and “sell the home”. Granite countertops will yield a better return on investment than a pool. In terms of your car’s future value, leather, sunroofs and navigation are three of the most visible features that contribute down the road. The main reasoning is that pre-owned car buyers can have those features at a more reasonable price range than buying new which makes them more valuable and more in demand at trade-in time.

There are some options that have become so common that buyers expect them such as cruise control, power windows, locks and seats, air conditioning and automatic transmission. These are purely for comfort and convenience, but improve the overall driving experience. Sunroofs and/or moon roofs are also a popular option. Kia offers a panoramic sunroof on several of its vehicles that gives you the feeling of luxury and a convertible without insurance costs. These are all investments that will ultimately help you sell your car.



Manufacturers are continually developing and adding new safety features. Currently lane departure warning systems, backup cameras and other safety options are hot tickets. These may not pay off as much as you would think because by the time you sell your car, there will undoubtedly be even more sophisticated safety technologies that buyers will want. On the other hand, safety can be a value generator as it alludes to quality in a vehicle. For example Mercedes and Volvo are luxury brands that have a safety influenced quality message. Also, some types of vehicles demonstrate that as well, such as Kia and Honda minivans. That safety creates demand which leads to increased value both new and pre-owned.

What options are should you think twice about? Performance features such as more powerful engines are best suited to performance cars. Premium sound systems may be essential to one person and meaningless to another. With the exception of alloy wheels, style options almost always are a personal choice that may or may not pay off at resale. You may think a spoiler seals the deal, but another buyer may find it worthless.

You can add options individually or in packaged bundles at a reduced cost. Kia offers performance, technology and sports packages. Packages are almost always a better buy but you might not find the exact suite of features you that you want.

Ultimately, only you can decide which feature are most important to you. A car is a big purchase and adding the features you want will make very little difference to your monthly payment.