Why Buy a Kia?: InsiderSecrets

June 11th, 2015 by

Why buy a Kia? In the Marketing Department we read everything that Kia produces, as well as, automotive and customer reviews. We follow automotive social media, watch video reviews, read industry news and more. In short, we need to know what is being said about our cars and our company.


But, recently it occurred to us that we have never asked our in-house experts. The team that either sells or services Kia cars every day.  They were a bit surprised to be asked. We were a bit surprised by some of their answers. We were especially happy that they said some things we had not read or heard elsewhere.

We were especially interested in what the Service Department had to say. After all, they look under the hoods daily.

Master Technician, Aaron Kimmel said, “Our cars come with a lot of standard features that are extras on other brands. People think Asian and automatically think Honda or Toyota, but the reliability of Kia has come such a long way in such a short time. ”

“It’s the technology that impresses me the most. From ventilated seats to UVO to safety features, Kia is leading the way. You either can’t get all of the features we offer or you will pay twice as much if you can,” said Master Technician, Sean Murphy.

Mitch Jones, Service and Parts Director said, “The quality has increased astronomically compared to where Kia started. I would own one even if I didn’t work here. The styling and mechanics are both excellent. Most importantly, the product support is amazing. Kia will do just about anything to make a customer happy.”

Our Product Specialists represent our vehicles to our customers every day. Corey Sullivan said, “You can’t beat the 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. It’s not because no one else offers it. It’s because it gives people long-term piece of mind. When a customer is spending that much money, you can’t put a value on that kind of security.”

Sales Manager, Brian Smith said, “Kia’s electric power steering pump is unique. Our cars provide a tighter, more-in-control feel than any other car I’ve driven and I like that.”

Daniel Hensley, Sales Manager said, “This is my theory on cars, you are either making payments or you are paying for repairs. The average car warranty is 3 years/36K miles. The average car loan is now 67 months which means people are making payment on a car that is no longer under warranty. Most people do not budget for car repairs which can be expensive. Kia’s warranty is an undeniable protection for the consumer.”

We also heard some repeated refrains about our models:

  • “Nobody has anything that looks like the Soul, that’s fun.”
  • “The Optima is the best looking sedan on the market and a great car.”
  • “I never thought I could get excited about selling a minivan, but the Sedona is amazing.”
  • “You’d have to spend another $20-30,000 on a luxury brand to get what the K900 offers.”


Need more? Kia just produced, “101 Reasons to Buy a Kia”. Come in and see for yourself. And be sure, to ask our staff a lot of questions. They have quite a lot to say.