Women’s Car Care Clinic

April 16th, 2019 by

On Saturday, May 11, Kia Country will host a Women’s Car Care Clinic from 11:30 AM-1 PM. This will be our third time hosting this event and it has proven to be a customer favorite. It is one of the many things we do to help our customer be informed, consumers.

A Repair Pal survey revealed that 77% of women believe that they are sold unnecessary repairs when they take their car in for service and 66% believe that they are charged more than men. An Auto MD study reported that women would rather go to the dentist than get their car repaired.

The majority of our customers are women. In fact, the majority of drivers are women. In addition to the Women’s Clinic, Kia Country has made a concerted effort to combat these stereotypes and perceptions. Two of our three Assistant Service Managers are women, as well as, our Parts Specialist.  Having them on our team is a great resource and helps to instill confidence in our customers. Nationally, only 2% of auto technicians are women, but we would like to see those numbers increase and would be pleased to add female technicians to our staff.

The Women’s Car Care Clinic is designed to provide a basic understanding of how a vehicle operates, provide hands-on experience with routine maintenance such as checking oil and tire pressure and know when sounds and smells may indicate a problem. In short, we hope it empowers women to either perform tasks or feel more comfortable asking questions and understanding issues when their car needs a repair.

Assistant Service Manager, Chelsea Rowlands who leads our Women’s Clinics and said, “This is a great way to learn the basic knowledge needed to maintain and take care of your vehicle. It will not only keep you safer, but it will make your driving experience more fun.”

The workshop agenda is fast-paced and covers a lot of ground, but it provides ample time for questions and answers, and optional hands-on experience.

  • Shake, Rattle & Roll, What’s that Sound?
  • Yuck, What’s that Smell?
  • What’s Wrong Now? Understanding Dashboard Light Signals
  • Under the Hood: Basic Maintenance Checks
  • Jump Start!
  • Pressure: You Got This
  • Mastering UVO
  • How to Talk “Mechanic”
  • Emergency Survival Tactics

We hope you will join us for this informative workshop, refreshments and door prizes. Register Today. serivice@charlestonkia.com.