You Gotta Laugh

April 23rd, 2020 by

Our service team says, “Sometimes, you gotta laugh”.  It helps the days go by. You may think you have a problem; but there really is no problem.  Here are some our favorite tales. #SMH

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  1. Strong odor? Why did you let a squirrel nest in your cabin filter?
  2. Customer complained about a loud rattle. Service diagnostic: trunk full of golf balls
  3. #1 reason CD players don’t work? Kids using them as a piggy bank
  4. Yes, the oil light does come on, when there is no oil. Our advice? Don’t let this happen, ruins your engine
  5. We have nothing against DIY car repair, but why do so many of them call us and tell us their new battery is not working? Oh, they forgot to take off the plastic battery terminal caps. It’s more common than you might think.
  6. Yes, if there is no rubber left on your wiper blades, they will scratch the windshield. No, it is not a glass defect or covered by warranty.
  7. The signs at the car wash that warn you about antenna damage? Believe them.

We’re just getting started. We’re actually going to start writing these down. We might even write a book or make a movie. Stay tuned for more. Do you have an embarrassing car story to share? Sound off in comments or Facebook.