Your Guide to EV Charging in Charleston

December 22nd, 2023 by

In early 2023, Charleston unveiled an ordinance to add more Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the city. This may take time to fully show its effects, but we’re already seeing a large number of EV charge stations around the Charleston area as we close out 2023. New owners of Kia’s EV9, EV6, or other electric/plug-in hybrid vehicles will surely be on the lookout for their ideal charging station locations. And with many drivers potentially adopting their first-ever EV, we thought a guide to charging stations in Charleston might come in handy!

For this guide, we’ll refer to the J1772 standard plug as the commonly used “Level 2,” station. Stations that feature DC fast charging are referred to as a CCS plug. The only other kind of chargers to know here will be the Tesla Supercharger stations, which meet the North American Charging Standard (NACS). The Kia EV9 natively supports this charging standard, and other EV owners can get a converter to utilize it. The stations we mention here are only those meant for the public, so we will not be including apartment complex chargers or private Airbnb charging stations. For a full view of chargers around the Charleston area, including the private stations not listed here, drivers can use the PlugShare platform to view, rate, and submit info on all charging stations. This is not a comprehensive guide, only a list of notable locations.

West Ashley

  • Bees Ferry Library – This station is located at 3035 Sanders Rd, in the library parking lot. This is a dual charger with two Level 2 plugs.
  • Citadel Mall – This location, at 2070 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, features 12 Tesla Superchargers, and is available 24/7.
  • Charles Towne Landing – This popular historic site, located at 1500 Old Towne Rd, has two available Level 2 charging station plugs.
  • Holiday Inn Charleston – This location, at 301 Savannah Hwy, has a Tesla charging station that is available to guests only.
  • LaQuinta Hotel – Not far down the road from the Holiday Inn, this hotel location, at 33 Ashley Point Dr, has one standard Level 2 plug. It is located in the hotel’s secondary building near the elevator.

James Island

  • James Island County Park – This location has one Level 2 charging station, located at 871 Riverland Drive Scenic Highway.
  • Medway Park – This community park, at 633 Medway Rd, has two Level 2 charging outlets.
  • Melton Peter Demetre Park – This location has one Level 2 charging station, located at 640 Wampler Dr.
  • Baxter-Patrick James Island Library – This station, at 1858 S Grimball Rd, includes two Level 2 outlets.


  •  Charleston Marriott – The indoor garage at 170 Lockwood Dr includes one Level 2 plug.
  • Westedge Publix – The indoor garage at 10 Westedge St has two Level 2 charging stations, each of which has 3 plugs. They are located on the second floor, near the elevators. Parking here is typically available only to customers shopping at Publix.
  • City of Charleston Municipal Parking Garage – This parking deck, at 93 Queen St, has two Level 2 plugs. Drivers must pay to access the garage, but the charging stations themselves are free to use.
  • Charleston Visitor Center Parking Garage – The public garage at 375 Meeting Street has two Level 2 plugs. Drivers must pay to access the garage, but the charging stations here are also free to use.
  • Galliard Center Garage – Two Level 2 stations are located at this garage at 33 Alexander St. The stations here are also free with paid access to the garage.
  • Edmund’s Oast – Up the peninsula, at 1081 Morrison Dr, the parking lot where Edmund’s Oast is located features one Level 2 station with two plugs.

Mount Pleasant

  • The Boulevard – This station, located at 753 Coleman Blvd, has two Level 2 stations.
  • Brookgreen Town Center – This parking lot location features a Level 2 station with two charging plugs. It can be found at 730 Coleman Blvd.

North Charleston

  • Tanger Outlets – This location has 8 Tesla Supercharger stations and is located at 4855 Tanger Outlet Blvd. Parking is free, but payment is required for charging.
  • TownPlace Suites Charleston Airport – A Level 2 charging station with two plugs is available here for hotel guests only. Located at 5001 Fashion Avenue.