Cat Spay or Neuter Blitz


Cat Spay or Neuter Blitz Sponsored by Kia Country of Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC – Charleston Animal Society is teaming up with Kia Country of Charleston for two Cat Spay/Neuter Blitzes in March.Do you or someone you know have a cat that needs spayed or neutered? Maybe it’s that neighborhood cat you see in the morning?

“Our goal is to spay and neuter 13,000 animals by the end of 2016,” said Charleston Animal Society Senior Director of Veterinary Care Dr. Lucy Fuller.

With Kia Country of Charleston’s support, Charleston Animal Society is offering free spay-neuters for cats in Charleston County. “We are very proud to be a part of this lifesaving effort,” said Kia Country of Charleston General Manager Steve Appelbaum. The free spay-neuters will save people hundreds of dollars on pet healthcare costs.

Appointments can be scheduled for:

  • Saturday, March 12th
  • Saturday, March 19th

Cat owners are encouraged to register and schedule their pet’s appointment by calling the Spay-Neuter Blitz Hotline at: (843) 329-1562.

Charleston Animal Society is the only Animal Shelter in the Southeast to receive the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accreditation, insuring that the highest standards of veterinary medicine are used.

Call the Spay/Neuter Blitz Hotline Now: (843) 329-1562