Kia Car Battery




A vehicle’s battery sends power and engages the starter and runs all of the bells and whistles on your vehicle.  The average lifespan of a battery is three years. What affects battery lifespan?

  • Leaving lights on when the car is turned off
  • Leaving a phone charger or other device plugged into your USB port
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations or excessive heat or cold

Kia Country of Charleston’s Service department can perform a battery charge test at no cost on your vehicle and install a battery if needed. You may also purchase a vehicle battery from Kia Country’s Parts department. Kia uses Interstate batteries engineered especially for all Kia vehicles. Kia Interstate batteries may also be used in Hyundai vehicles.

If your car will not start, we recommend that you call Kia Roadside Assistance, at 800-333-4542. Jumpstarting a car can be dangerous and very costly unless you are sure you know what you are doing. If you connect the cable to the wrong terminal, it will blow the high amp fuse and all power to the vehicle will be lost. In some cases, it could also damage computers as well. If you overcharge the battery it can get extremely hot and explode.

If you have any questions or would like to have a battery charge test, please contact us.