Pets and Car Safety

Pets and Car Safety








NEVER leave your pet alone in a parked car. Temperatures can soar up to 160 degrees causing heat stroke, brain damage and death

Invest in a pet carrier that is large enough for your pet to sit, lie down and turn around and secure with a seat belt or use a pet seat belt harness

NEVER allow your pet to ride in the front seat. Airbags can kill animals

NEVER allow your pet to put their head out the window. Flying debris can cause serious injuries

Take a few of your pet’s favorite toys, bowl and food to provide comfort and familiarity

Make sure you pet has an I.D. tag or microchip

Ask your vet about anti-anxiety medication or collars if travel is stressful for your pet

Give your pet lots of love while traveling. Nothing will be more comforting

*art used with permission. copyright Angela Alexander, artist and animal advocate