6 Benefits of Window Tinting

July 18th, 2016 by

Many car owners opt for window tinting as a style statement, In fact, there are 6 distinct benefits of window tinting that protect both you and your car. These are well-worth considering for any car owner.

Window Tint

  1. Visibility
    Window tint reduces glare and direct sun in your eyes which improves visibility and ultimately safety
  2. Comfort
    Window tint can reduce car interior temperatures by as much as 70% and improve air conditioning efficiency
  3. Reduced Exposure
    Window tint can reduce UV rays up to 99% percent, protecting your skin from harmful rays and damage
  4. Upholstery Protection
    Sunlight can damage and fade upholstery over time. Window tinting eliminates that risk and preserves the appearance and value of your car
  5. Privacy
    Whether you are driving alone or leave valuables in your car, the extra protection and privacy provided by tinted windows is a real advantage
  6. Shatter Proofing
    Window tint actually reduces the risk of glass shattering

Costs for standard non-reflective film vary depending on the vehicle and film selected but $200 is an average. Be sure to select a reputable company. You should receive a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for any product defects and a performance warranty to cover installation errors that lead to bubbling, peeling or cracking.

Each state has laws governing window tint. In South Carolina, the tint must let more than 27% of light in. A reputable installer will advise you of the law when you are making your selection. It’s worth noting that your tint may not pass muster in another state.

Window Tint Levels

Your car may have factory installed window tint that meets your needs and delivers on the desired benefits. Note the difference between in types of window tint. Factory installed is actual tinted glass. Having your windows tinted involves placing a film onto windows. Consult your installer regarding safe cleaning products for aftermarket tint as some solutions may damage it.

Do you have tinted windows? If so, let us know what you think of them.