Back-to-School Driving Safety Tips

December 3rd, 2014 by

Children throughout the Greater Charleston area returned to school this morning. You may have noticed the increased traffic or school buses extending your morning commute time. Kids may walk or bike to school or get a ride or take a school bus. Regardless, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of driving safety tips to protect not only them but all traveling during school commute times.

Give way to school buses and keep a safe distance. Buses stop frequently. It is illegal to pass a school bus. If you see the yellow caution lights flashing the bus is preparing to stop and it is advisable for you to stop. If the lights are flashing red, you must stop. On one-way streets and two-lane roads, all cars must abide by these laws. On multi-lane roads, drivers approaching from behind a bus in any lane must stop. Drivers approaching from the opposite direction may proceed with caution. Children are supposed to walk in front of the bus but make certain none have taken a wrong turn and headed around the back of the bus before you proceed; even if the school bus has turned off the red flashers.

Also take note of reduced speed zones near schools which are marked with yellow signs. Arrival and dismissal can be chaotic. Slow down and stay alert.

Areas close to school may have pedestrian lanes and crossing guards that help ensure children’s safety, but left to their own devices in neighborhoods, children may forget to look both ways or become distracted talking to friends. Drive a little more cautiously and watch for children darting across streets.

If you are transporting children in your car, please wear a seatbelt and make sure that each child is wearing one. Set a good example and do not use your cell phone or text while driving.

Slowing down especially when you are heading to or from work may seem like an inconvenience; but fender benders are a much greater inconvenience and injuring a child because of impatience would be life-altering.

Read additional tips from the National Safety Council and let’s keep the roads safe for all.

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