Benefits of Getting your Car Serviced at a Dealership

March 19th, 2024 by

When looking to get their vehicle serviced, most owners are faced with the choice of going to a mechanic or to a dealership’s service department. There are a few clear benefits to bringing your car to a dealership for service. So today, we’re breaking down what these reasons are and how Kia Country of Charleston’s service center makes vehicle service easy.

Expert Technicians

By far the most important reason to bring your car for service at a dealership is that the technicians employed there will be the most familiar with your model of car. These are service team members who work on your specific make of car every single day and are incredibly knowledgeable about the brand. Mechanics hired to work at a dealership’s service center are certified, meaning they are trained and tested on their vehicle repair skills. There is no guarantee that mechanics at an independent repair shop are certified. At Kia Country of Charleston, there are a few added benefits of getting serviced with us. These benefits come directly from our extensive knowledge of the Kia ecosystem.

Each time you come in for service we will:

  • Perform a complimentary multi-point inspection and review the results with you
  • Check for open recalls and service action updates
  • Offer a complimentary car wash

Diagnostic Equipment

Technicians at a car dealership’s service center will have access to better diagnostic equipment that is also specifically chosen to be compatible with your car’s brand. This equipment is often unavailable at independent repair shops, meaning you might have to take your car back multiple times before the problem is correctly identified and fixed. If you don’t want to take your car back numerous times to get the same problem fixed, then take it to a dealership for repairs.

OEM Parts

Getting serviced at a dealership is also a guarantee that you are getting the best parts specifically designed for your make and model. These parts are referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Independent shops may not install these high-quality parts, but the dealership will. A skilled technician trained to use OEM-grade parts can ensure your car runs smoothly for years after any repairs are made. All of this also means that you won’t have to wait as long for your car to get repaired, since the dealership will usually have the necessary parts available at the shop and won’t need to have them delivered.

Warranties and Discounts

If you bring your vehicle to a dealership for repair service while it is under a warranty, you’ll be getting a massive cost advantage. The dealership will honor the warranty and provide the service repairs either for free or at a subsidized cost. Additionally, dealerships, such as Kia Country of Charleston hope to keep you as a returning customer, so things like loyalty discounts and monthly sales are usually available. You can check out Kia Country of Charleston’s monthly service deals here.