4 Ways to Contain Car Repair and Maintenance Costs

July 18th, 2017 by

Car maintenance and repair costs may be both unexpected and unwelcome. Kia offers several ways to effectively plan and manage those costs. Over time, using these options may reduce your cost of ownership.

  1. Multi-Point Inspection—Our Service Technicians perform a multi-point inspection on your car on every service visit. Our Assistant Service Managers will review the results with you. They are color coded for easy reference. Green means no action required, yellow means a likely future repair and red indicate an urgent need. Most often, yellow/caution warnings can be estimated within a reasonable margin of error. For example, “you will likely need to replace “x” in 5000 miles”. Budgeting for this cost can soften the blow.
  2. Car Care One Credit Card—In partnership with Synchrony Financial, we offer a credit card that can help with major repair expenses many with interest-free options if they are paid within a required time period. You can obtain detailed information and submit an online application in our Service Department.
  3. Monthly Specials and Coupons—Each month, we offer coupons and discounts on service and accessories. You can find these on our website, on our social media platforms, and in your email. Over time, these can add up to significant savings especially for routine and recurring maintenance items such as oil changes and filters.


4. Extended Protection Plans

  1. Vehicle Protection PlanMost major repairs are needed after the original factory warranty expires. You can purchase up to 120,000 miles of coverage. Five coverage levels are available with benefits such as rental car, towing, travel, and fluids coverage. Fully transferable, these plans also improve resale value. This plan is most often bought at the same time you purchase your vehicle but can be bought afterward. If you plan to keep your car longer than the factory warranty, you may wish to consider this.
  2. Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection PlansWith all of the construction and road problems in the Tri-County area, it is no surprise that we see customers every day that needs to replace a tire. Offered as both Standard and Deluxe, plans these provide for the repair and/or replacement of tires and/or wheels damaged by road hazards including mounting, valve stems, balancing and sales tax. This policy can pay for itself with only a few tire replacements.

We do not like telling customers that an expensive repair is required any more than they like hearing them. We cannot eliminate repair and maintenance costs but we can lessen their impact through planning and informed decision making.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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