EV Charging at Kia Country

March 3rd, 2022 by

EV charging has arrived at Kia Country. This is at least our third blog post on EVs and EV charging. Because EV charging is so top of mind and a popular topic revolving around any EV discussion.

EV Charger

We now have fully operational Level 2 and Level 3 chargers at the dealership.  The Level 2 charger is similar to the one you would put in your home. And for the record, everyone who buys an EV will want one in their home. The idea is that your vehicle can recharge overnight while you recharge. Roughly speaking, a Level 2 charger takes about eight hours to recharge a “standard” electric vehicle. That of course varies by vehicle and battery size.

The Level 3 charger on the other hand will get you near 100% in approximately two hours. As the battery gets over 90% charge, it begins to slow down.  To simplify, it is like charging a giant cell phone or laptop.

Another reason for having a home charger is the cost to charge. Depending on what charger you hook up to, it will cost about the same as filling your gas tank. Our experience is roughly $50, making home your best plan whenever possible. We are also finding that many EVs are not recommended to be charged with a Level 1 charging cable.

Kia America forged an agreement with ChargePoint, a top-rated, smart Level 2 Home Charger for Kia EV and PHEV vehicles. This product allows owners to recharge their Kia EV vehicle at their convenience at home.

These home chargers can be ordered through Kia Country or most other Kia dealers. They also appear to be available on Amazon and other suppliers.  They cost approximately $700. You need to select the right amperage and charging speed for you, your home, and your Kia EV, from 16 to 50 amps. A professionally licensed and certified electrician can help you select the optimal amperage and install the device. Also, there is a choice of plug type which is basically whatever your current dryer plug looks like; either a three or four-prong 240-plug.

To find charging stations, you must download an app that tells you where they are located.  When you have your home charger installed it also goes on the app.  All chargers seem to be pinpointed and GPS located. Theoretically, people can come and plug into your home unit and pay you to charge. Or at least bang on your door in an emergency. There are over 26,000 charging stations located in the U.S. and increasing every day. Stations can be located through the vehicle’s navigation system, from the Kia Connect app or PlugShare.

Currently, there is no cost to charge your vehicle if you are here for service.  Our charger is open to the general public at a cost of 48 cents per kW hour. You may use your app to see if our charger is available.

We are learning about EV charging. We’ve read everything we can get our hands-on, but there’s nothing like firsthand experience. As we sell more electric vehicles our knowledge will increase which we will share.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

Kia Country serves the Greater Charleston, SC region. If you live outside this area, please contact your local Kia dealer or Kia America.