Kia Anniversary – What happened in February 1994?

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Kia Buzz, Kia’s official corporate blog is starting a new feature, Kia Anniversary, with tidbits and fun facts about the important and notable historic events that happened each month in Kia’s brand history. What Happened in February 1994? is the first installment. We found it interesting and thought you might too.

As Korea’s oldest automobile brand, Kia boasts a long history filled with significant moments and major accomplishments. In this new series – Kia AnniversaryKia Buzz will be bringing you tidbits and fun facts about the important and notable historic events that happened this month in Kia’s brand history.

Q: What notable event occurred in February of 1994?

In February 1994, two years after the opening of the Kia Motors America branch, the first Kia-branded vehicles were sold in the United States. The first model sold was the Kia Sephia, processor of the current day Kia Cerato (also known as Forte).




The Sephia sedan was sold from four dealerships located in Portland, Oregon. Soon after, Kia started to expand, opening dealerships in Las Vegas, Nevada and Seattle, Washington. By 1995, there were over 100 actively operating dealerships located across thirty states.



Kia models in line for export to the USA

February 1994 was a significant moment for Kia as it marked the brand’s official entry into the US market. A few short months after the sales launch of the Sephia, the model became a top three bestseller in the incredibly competitive compact sedan segment. Thanks to methodical and strategic expansion, Kia’s entrance into the US market contributed significantly to the company’s remarkable global growth.



Kia Motors America HQ
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