Kia Revises Oil Guidelines

March 15th, 2021 by

Kia has revised oil guidelines for some of its vehicles. Effective immediately, all 2021 Kia models and all K900, Cadenza, and Stinger vehicles are advised to use synthetic oil in place of the synthetic blend we use. Although synthetic oil costs more, it has several advantages.

Quite simply, synthetic oil is better for your engine. It offers superior protection for your engine. The primary difference with synthetic oil is additives used in the refinement process. Synthetic oil can lower friction, reduce engine sludge and increase performance because it has fewer impurities.

The advantages of synthetic oil are:

  • Cleaner oil
  • Better function in extreme heat or cold
  • Protects and cleans the engine
  • Better engine performance
  • Better fuel economy

In many places, synthetic oil can be changed less frequently. However, due to the extreme heat in Charleston, we are still recommending every 5000 miles. We have added a $10 discount coupon for this service which is regularly priced at $74.95.

“According to industry tests, synthetic oil engines perform 47% better than engines using conventional motor oil,” says AAA.

Kia Country agrees with the new guidelines and has begun to implement the change. You should plan on making the switch at your next regularly scheduled oil change. We understand that the price increase will be jarring to some. On average it’s an extra $60 a year. This is a nominal fee for better performance and extending the life of your engine. Failing to comply with the new guidance may affect your warranty.

If you have any questions, please call and speak to one of our Service Consultants at 843.573.4995.

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