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May 8th, 2019 by

The Kia Surround View Monitor provides a virtual 360-degree view of your surroundings. It is one of our favorite Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies (ADAS).  By stitching together images from multiple cameras you’re able to see your own vehicle’s place among its surroundings. This makes backing up and precision parking or parallel parking even safer. At speeds below 20 km/h, the AVM combines four wide-angle images taken from cameras at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle to give you a bird’s eye view of the space around you.

The forerunner to the Surround View monitor was the Back-up camera, most definitely a customer favorite. It was followed by Rear Cross Alert that is quite handy when you are backing out of a parking space. Both revolutionized driving in reverse and represented a significant improvement over looking over your shoulder and out the back window. These are fairly standard on most vehicles now and customers tell us that they could never go back to a car without this feature.

It should be noted that looking over your shoulder when backing up is still the recommended procedure for backing up to get a full picture of your surroundings.  The Surround View and a back-up camera are designed to aid drivers and should not be used exclusively.

Surround View technology is a logical extension. The multiple cameras stitch together images and then impose an image of the vehicle on top so you are able to see your position in relation to objects around it.

The Surround View Monitor is available in the Telluride, Cadenza, K900, Sorento, Optima, and Sedona.

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