Our Favorite Video Car Games

March 25th, 2020 by

For some of us, the quarantine is the perfect opportunity to play video car games.  These are our favorites.

stinger forza

  • Forza Series–Forza games are available for XBOX and Windows 10. We like them for car customization and engine swaps. Best of all, the Kia Stinger is featured in Forza Motorsports 7 which makes it a winner.
  • Need for Speed Series—This series invented car customization which made it an instant hit.
  • Gran Turismo Series–A PlayStation game known for reality-based graphics and a large number of licensed vehicles.Nascar Series–This physics-based racing game made driving more realistic and a fan favorite.
  • Driver–Made for the original PlayStation, this classic game was one of the first driving games and we still like its pioneering spirit
  • Burnout Series–Burnout offers a variety of mini-games and other novel options which makes it much more than a racing game.
  • Mario Kart —This go-cart Nintendo racing game was a spin-off of the Super Mario series.

What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.