Protecting your Car’s Resale Value

December 20th, 2023 by

Protecting a vehicle’s value begins from day one, even that special holiday car that you just gifted or received. Getting a new car is exciting, so the last thing you’ll be thinking about around the holidays is how to preserve the car’s value, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Actions you take now can go a long way toward increasing the eventual resale or trade value of your car. Here are some of the things you can do or plan for from the day you unwrap an exciting new car.

Safely Store Records

The earlier you establish a system for securely storing your car’s records and paperwork, the easier it will be. You don’t want to be scrounging through mountains of various papers and receipts years down the line when you need crucial maintenance records for your car. These documents will be quite beneficial to your car’s eventual value, provided they show that you have been upkeeping your car properly.

Paperwork for key maintenance schedules includes oil changes, transmission fluid replacements, tire rotations, and brake work. Showing that your car has received these services at the recommended intervals will indicate that your car should be running very well and has retained its value. For oil changes, every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is recommended for newer cars. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to stay aware of service requirement cycles for all of your car’s internal components.

Maintain the car inside and out

Protecting the car’s interior and exterior is another key factor in preserving value. This should seem obvious, but there are a ton of factors that play into this maintenance that owners don’t always think about. This includes keeping your car in a garage whenever possible. You never know what hazards your car might encounter when you’re away from it. Street or public parking not only exposes your car to car accidents, theft, and vandalism but also to the elements of nature. You may be able to see things like hail storms coming, and proactively shelter your car. But things like sun damage and flood waters can be very damaging to your car.

Interior maintenance is important as well, as some wear and tear will be impossible to get out when you go to sell the car down the line. You should regularly clean the dashboard, seats, carpet, and anything that isn’t easily replaceable within the car. On top of this, smoking in your car can leave an odor that is nearly impossible to remove or mask. This can impact your resale value much more than most people tend to expect. So if possible, say no to smoking in a car if you want to retain its value. On a much less significant level, the same can be said about eating food in your car. Most of the time, this won’t leave any lasting scars inside your car, but you always run the risk of tough stains and odors, should any accidental spills occur.

Address Issues Immediately

Many car owners put off fixing minor issues until they become major ones. Small issues can compound and damage many other parts of your car. Not only can this potentially save you money on repair costs, but it can also maintain resale value. One way this happens involves getting your tires rotated. Should you not get this done routinely, worse things can happen than uneven wear on your tire tread. With uneven tread comes uneven alignment, which puts strain on your car as you drive it. This could eventually lead to worn down or damaged belts. You’ll start to notice this happening if your car pulls to the left or right, or if your steering wheel is off center when driving straight, or the steering wheel might even vibrate. Addressing any issues before they become a problem is the surest way to protect your vehicle and its long-term value.

Kia Country of Charleston’s service department is always here and ready to help you take the best care of your car. Vehicles begin their value depreciation the minute they leave the lot, but by staying ahead of the game and taking proper care of your new car, you can hold on to much of the value that your car should be retaining.