Upcoming EV3 becomes first EV to get WebOS Platform

June 7th, 2024 by

LG Electronics (LG) is bringing its cutting-edge Automotive Content Platform (ACP) powered by webOS to the latest all-electric SUV from Kia. The integration of LG’s ACP into the recently unveiled Kia EV3 marks the first time the platform has been installed on an electric vehicle.

The webOS-based ACP brings the home entertainment experience into the vehicle cabin, aligning with LG’s future mobility vision to transform the car into a “living space on wheels.” This platform is an integral part of LG AlphaWare, LG’s suite of software solutions for software-defined vehicles (SDVs). It offers a wide range of content, making LG Smart TVs with webOS so popular with consumers worldwide. Optimized for the in-car environment, LG’s ACP powered by webOS allows vehicle passengers to sit back and immerse themselves in their favorite content – just like they would at home.

This system will allow occupants to access streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, as well as various games and interactive content. It essentially brings mobile device entertainment functionality to the vehicle. Kia or LG have yet to share how the system will prevent driver distraction, but this is surely a known factor for the designers and will likely be addressed in some form.

“Featuring numerous user-centric innovations, the EV3 enables our customers to enjoy a compelling in-vehicle experience, complete with many of their favorite premium streaming services,” said Ryu Chang-sung, senior vice president and head of the Global Brand division at Kia. “Our in-vehicle content platform elevates the mobility experience, providing easy access to a diverse array of high-quality content.”

The EV3 is set for a Korean launch in July 2024, but has not yet been confirmed for an exact release date in the United States. Expect to see this compact electric vehicle come stateside in 2025 or 2026. The EV3 is a compact EV designed to be an affordable entry into the EV market for drivers. The planned pricing range falls between $35,000 and $50,000 depending on trim level.

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